Club PSM

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Enjoy the benefits of being a member of The Picture Show Man’s movie club.
Club PSM is The Picture Show Man’s exclusive club which offers special benefits to members.

Frequent movie goers card.

Upon joining members will be issued with a membership card which will be used as proof of membership and your record of loyalty purchases. Presentation of their card will entitle members to discount movie ticket prices.

Free ticket.

Club PSM members will receive a free ticket to a single session when they present their membership card and attend a movie in the programme week of their birthday.

Discounted tickets.

Club PSM members are entitled to purchase discounted movie tickets for themselves and one accompanying friend to any movie session any day. Each purchase will be recorded by a Picture Show Man logo stamp on the back of their membership card. Members will receive a discount of $1.00 for each ticket purchased under these rules up to and including the 6th ticket. The 7th ticket purchased will cost $1.00 only. On purchase of the 7th ticket the membership card will be retained and replaced with a new one and a new series of discounting will begin as for the original card.


Membership is available to all regular patrons of The Picture Show Man Cinema Merimbula. Membership will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of joining and is non transferable. Benefits can only be given when the membership card is presented personally by the member and that member is attending the session to which the tickets are being purchased.

Membership Fees.

Initial and renewal membership is $15.00 per year for adults and $10.00 per year for junior members under 16 years of age.

Renewal of Membership.

When a member renews their membership, the expired membership card will be held and replaced by a new card showing the new expiry date. Previous loyalty credits will be transferred from the old to the new card.

Membership Conditions.

Membership will only be valid once the fee is paid. Membership is not transferable and is only valid when the card is presented by that club member. A member may purchase a maximum of 2 tickets per session and the member must be one of the persons using those tickets. Membership cards are the responsibility of the member, lost cards will be replaced at no cost but loyalty credits on the lost card cannot be claimed.